Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions


Can I login from any computer?

Yes! You may login in to your account using any computer phone or tablet that connects to the internet.


Are there any fees after I purchase EZ Pool Biller?

No. if you purchase a lifetime license there are never any update fees of any sort. If you purchase a monthly subscription this is the only fee. The price will not change and there are no other costs or fees.


Does EZ Pool Biller come with a manual/Instructions I can easily understand?

Yes, EZ Pool Biller has a complete online manual that is written in very easy to understand language.


What kind of technical support is included I get when I purchase EZ Pool Biller?

When you purchase EZ Pool Biller you get 6 months FREE unlimited technical support. However, it is extremely rare that anybody requests help after the first month because EZ Pool Biller is so easy to use. After the 6 months you may still get technical support for a small fee. Again, nobody ever seems to need support at this point!


How does the online bill pay work?

The online bill function is incredibly easy to set-up and use. EZ Pool Biller was designed to work perfectly with PayPal.  Basically what you do is create a PayPal account if you do not already have one. This takes literally about 5 minutes to do and we give you detailed instructions on how to do this in our Instruction manual. Once you have a PayPal account you can issue the unique user name and password that EZ Pool Biller assigned to each customer. The customer simply logins in to EZ Pool Biller and selects the option to pay their bill.  EZ Pool Biller then moves the customer through the PayPal interface where payment is made. Usually within seconds EZ Pool Biller will automatically update and reflects the customer’s payment. PayPal  then issues the customer’s payment to the account you have with PayPal. You then may electronically transfer the money from PayPal to your bank account. This is very easy to do and we explain how to do it in our manual. Of course when using PayPal there is a fee (not by us, by PayPal). This fee generally is 2.9% of the charge ran at the current time. You may offset some or all of this fee by charging an online convenience fee through EZ Pool Biller.


Can I sell or transfer my copy/license of EZ Pool Biller?

When you purchase EZ Pool Biller you are buying a lifetime license for you and your company. As part of general security issues we at EZ Pool Biller need to know who is using and accessing the program.  If you should you sell your accounts/business you can have the account transferred into the new owners name.  There is a $199.00 One Time fee for transferring your account.   If the purchaser does not need EZ Pool Biller you can very easily export the data to give them.  If you have purchased a subscription and the Purchaser wishes to continue using EZ Pool Biller they can purchase their own subscription to EZ Pool Biller.  Next you simply give them your back-up file of all your data and they can easily upload it to their copy of EZ Pool Biller.


Does EZ Pool Biller Automatically Bill my customers each month?

Yes. When you add a new customer there is a setting which will automatically bill the customers each month. You can schedule up to 6 items to be billed every month or any increment of months such as every 3 months or every 6 months. EZ Pool Biller will automatically bill the items on the correct month.  Then you can print all your bills with 1 click and mail them.   Additionally if you like you can Email them also with 1 click.


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