The easiest way to create pool company statements, invoices and schedule automatic recurring monthly service billing and so much more


Statements – The cornerstone of getting paid!

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  • Create All Statements – Done with 1 simple click.
  • Print All Statements – Done with 1 simple click.
  • Email All Statements – Done with 1 simple click. Plus email summary keeps you organized!
  • Individual Statements – Easily print the current statement or a customer’s entire history.
  • Customize Statements – Add logo, comments, etc.
  • Detailed Statements – Provides line item display of all charges and credits in the billing cycle.
  • Select Your Statement Dates




Reports – Understanding equals higher profits!
  • Income Reports - Sort by category or Payment Method (select any date range).
  • Charges Reports - Know what you billed, when. (select any date range).
  • Recurring Item Report - Know what you bill monthly.
  • Active Customer Reportv - List of current customers.
  • Inactive Customer Report - List of past customers.
  • Aging Reports – All customer balances on 1 report.
  • Route Reports – Select the day and select the route.
  • Route Details - Name, address, notes (e.g. Gate Code).
  • Mapping Assistance - Create a file for quick internet mapping of your daily stops.
  • Billing Method Report - Lists each customer and see if they receive email or print statements.
  • Recover Deleted Items



Admin – Here’s where you control everything!

  • Unlimited Employees – Quick and simple to add or remove employee’s access.
  • Permissions – Unique log-ins. You decide which employees can edit customer data or just read it.
  • Back-Up Datav – Fast and easy to do.
  • Import – Easily bring in new data files.
  • Export – All reports can be exported in .csv format.
  • Company Profile – Stored for statements & features.




Accounting – Create All Necessary Accounting Reports!

  • End of the Year Statement
  • Reports – monthly, Quarterly or Annually.
  • Tracks Income – By category and dates.
  • Store Expenses – sort by category and dates.



Billing – Control how you get paid!

  • Service Billing – Auto bills on 1st of each month.
  • Other Recurring – Schedule charges/fees like stabilizer, every 2,3,4,6,12 months. Automatially bills these charges on first of correct month, no need to remember.
  • Invoices – Allows detailed explanation of charges/work performed. Assigns invoice # for you. Plus allows you to email or print.
  • Tracking – All billed items have time/date stamp.
  • Recovery – Restore deleted items regardless of how long ago it was done.
  • Line Item Billing – Bill single items fast.
  • Categorize – Assign payment by category for detailed report.
  • Estimates – Create estimates with detailed explanations of charges. Print or email them.


Customer Information – Stay organized!

  • Separate Service and Billing Address Fields
  • Phone Numbers – 5 fields for multiple numbers.
  • Email Address – Used for sending statements.
  • Service Notes – Shows up on route reports.
  • Office Notes – For internal office use.
  • Phone Notes – Create unlimited notes.
  • Assigned Password – Allows customer to log in and see their billing history.
  • Multiple Billing Methods – Print, email, or both.
  • Pictures – Store pictures of pool and equipment.
  • Equipment – Store pool equipment information.



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